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Innovative LED


Rhenac GreenTec AG started out as a specialist in the field of the development of LED lighting solutions for commercial buildings. Backed by that extensive experience and in collaboration with OSRAM, the company shifted to the design, development and production of solutions and concepts in the field of innovative LED lighting technology-based biotechnology systems for plant production and applications for plant cultivation in closed rooms (indoor farming). Rhenac Sports LED, a dedicated and specialized business unit of Rhenac GreenTec AG, develops fully automated systems for (semi)contactless cultivation (fertilization, irrigation and lighting) of playing fields for football stadiums and other sports facilities based on grass or hybrid lawns

Horst Theisen
Rhenac Sports LED

Rhenac Sports LED

Our LED lighting systems offer new perspectives for green keeping in football stadiums and other grass-based sports facilities.
Rhenac Bio Led

Rhenac Bio LED

We supply LED light systems for plant research and production as well as for closed cultivation systems used in indoor and urban farming.
Rhenac Flux LED

Rhenac Flux LED

RHENAC GreenTec’s lighting technology applications and control systems enable interactive, dynamic light installations on buildings as well as indoors.


We have established partnerships with the big player in our industry to enable us deliver the latest cutting edge innovations.
  • Research cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Research cooperation on sports turf with the test farm Dürnast of the Technical University of Munich
  • Member of the German Sports Turf Society
  • Co-branding partnership with OSRAM OPTO Semiconductor
  • Cooperation with the COB-LED manufacturer Citizen
  • Member of Bayern Photonics e.V.
  • Member of the Association of Vertical Farming
our Mission


Leveraging on our partnesrships we have patented many of the RHENAC systems with the field of application extending from the climate chamber in research institutes to the turf in the football arenas

Our History

It has been a rewarding journey