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Rhenac GreenTec AG started out as a specialist in the field of the development of LED lighting solutions for commercial buildings. Backed by that extensive experience and in collaboration with OSRAM, the company shifted to the design, development and production of solutions and concepts in the field of innovative LED lighting technology-based biotechnology systems for plant production and applications for plant cultivation in closed rooms (indoor farming). Rhenac Sports LED, a dedicated and specialized business unit of Rhenac GreenTec AG, develops fully automated systems for (semi)contactless cultivation (fertilization, irrigation and lighting) of playing fields for football stadiums and other sports facilities based on grass or hybrid lawns

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Rhenac Sports CLS LED grass grow lighting equipment can deliver light from the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) with pinpoint accuracy. Together with TU Munich, we have identified the balanced combination of blue and red colours grass needs, depending on the conditions. Rhenac Sports CLS LED field lighting equipment delivers accordingly
our Mission

our Mission

Rhenac Sports LED develops solutions and concepts of innovative pitch LED lighting technology-based biotechnology systems for (semi)contactless cultivation of grass and hybrid lawns in sports stadiums. By automated monitoring and defining the actual growing needs of the pitch, our systems are able to deliver the exact LED light spectrum to ensure optimal grass growth.


Our aim and our drive is to revolutionize and redefine perfect pitch management of natural and hybrid lawns in sports stadiums, by developing intelligent monitoring and pitch LED lighting systems and solutions that ensure optimal grass growth.
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