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CLS Technology; setting the benchmark in Pitch Management
Rhenac Sports CLS LED grass grow lighting equipment can deliver light from the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) with pinpoint accuracy. Together with TU Munich, we have identified the balanced combination of blue and red colours grass needs, depending on the conditions. Rhenac Sports CLS LED field lighting equipment delivers accordingly


Combining various smart technologies for one purpose
Various smart technologies and artificial intelligence are integrated in our LED grass grow lighting technology to deliver the preferred conditions and circumstances.


Our Turf Analyser does the talking
Can work completely independently and autonomously in always safeguarding and delivering a grass stadium pitch in pristine condition


Makes turf grow and reduces your bills
Our LED grass grow lighting uses the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) to stimulates grass growth, biomass production and recovery of the field.


Conceives, nurtures and maintains grass
Our knowledge about light and green turf enables us to maximize our technology for delivering and maintaining the perfect growing conditions.

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