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CLS technology that helps to always deliver a perfect stadium field
Our high-tech CLS LED field lighting equipment uses smart technology to deliver a perfect pitch at any venue, in any circumstances and regardless of the weather conditions. Our knowledge about grass growth and perfect growing conditions is combined with the best components and latest technologies.


Combining various smart technologies for one purpose
We unite the best components and technologies with artificial intelligence to build a team of highly intelligent field maintenance equipment.


Our Turf Analyser does the talking
Drawing from various on-and off-site information sources, we establish the requirements for turf grow and guide the technology accordingly


We make turf grow and reduce your bills
Our low-energy, fully automated and smart technology is only active when needed. It delivers light, oxygen, water, heat or fertilizer with pinpoint accuracy.


We conceive, nurture and deliver green turf
Our portfolio ranges from individual grass disease control units to fully integrated and automated LED grass grow systems, as well as fully trained groundsmen.

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From turf grow to grass care
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